March 14, 2018

Special Needs Quiz…

Take some time to see if you have started, are in the process or completed any of these…   Do you or your spouse/partner have a vision of how your dependent with special needs will live after you’re gone? Have you identified a guardian, conservator, or trustee for your dependent? […]
March 13, 2018

Autism & Challenging Behaviors…

Autism and Challenging behaviors Got this from Autism Speaks… great read and reference guide for those ‘moments’ Share your feedback!  
February 22, 2018

Power of Attorney VS Guardianship

I met with one of my attorneys today and was made aware of establishing a Power Of Attorney for my son when he turns 18 if he doesn’t qualify for a disability or guardianship. What a great idea! I would even set up a POA for my other child as […]