How to Prepare A Letter of Intent

A letter of intent is not a legal document (it is not binding) however it conveys your thoughts, dreams and feelings for the care of your dependent.

Providing a ‘how to’ guide in the event someone new to the family or unfamiliar with the family were to ‘step in’ and start providing care.

Families can include important information such as vital statistics, the financial situation of the child with special needs, details about the child’s behaviors, preferences, what works and what does not work for your child, and a list of all pertinent documents and records.

Families can also include a list of individuals that are important in the child’s life, as well as daily routines, favorite foods, etc.

The Letter of Intent workshop focuses on leaving a guideline for your child’s caregivers to follow in the event of your death or disability.

During the workshop, we will walk families through the process of preparing the letter of intent.


We are in the process of creating a webinar solely based on creating this document. Please let us know if you interested in creating your personalized Letter Of Intent.

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