What you don’t know about ADHD could change your life…

When I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, I wasn’t surprised. I often find myself distracted easily and losing interest in tasks frequently. My organization skills can be lacking most would say, however, I know where all my stuff is placed in my ‘mess.’ I can’t sit longer than 2 minutes without fidgeting and have to bounce my foot back and forth to go to sleep.

What came as a surprise to me was the diagnosis testing, treatment, and world of ADHD that I didn’t know existed.

ADHD is More than Just ‘Not being able to sit still’ or ‘Not being able to Focus’

People with ADHD may also have difficult with:

  • Planning
    • Organizing Ideas
      • Prioritizing
        • Time Management
          • Sequencing
            • Staying On Task
              • Maintaining Energy
                • Working Memory
                  • Fidgeting
                    • Outbursts
                  • Sustaining Effort
                • Forgetfulness
              • Alertness
            • Self Regulating
          • Motor Coordination
        • Outbursts
      • Impulse Control
    • Frustration Tolerance

Here is a perfect example of my ADHD… I had this post sitting in my drafts since 2019!!! Well here we are 2 years later! LOL

Stephanie Thompson