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Our non-profit organization was founded by a mother, Stephanie Thompson, who knows firsthand the challenges that come with raising a child with special needs. When her boy was diagnosed, she found it difficult to navigate the overwhelming information and resources available. Stephanie knew she wasn't alone, and felt that there had to be other parents who were in the same boat as her. She decided to take matters into her own hands and started the organization to support other moms and families who are going through similar experiences. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive community where moms of special children can connect with each other, access valuable resources and find the emotional and mental support they need. We strive to create a space where these moms can share their stories and feel heard, while also gaining knowledge and understanding about their child's condition.



Stephanie Thompson, a wife, mom, and southern bell at heart, is the founder of the Special Needs Mom Squad. As a mother of a child with special needs, she is passionate about creating and maintaining the best life experiences possible for children and their families in similar situations.

About Special Needs Mom Squad

The Special Needs Mom Squad is a platform that provides support, guidance, and resources for families with special needs dependents. It specializes in special needs planning, Individualized Education Program (IEP) guidance, sensory room design, sensory-friendly events, and behavioral financial advice.


Special Needs Planning

As a Special Needs Planner, Stephanie helps families with dependents with special needs in a variety of ways. She provides access to local organizations and advocacy groups, helps protect future eligibility for government benefits, and aids in the creation of a Life Care Plan. Stephanie also assists families to understand financial and legal issues in disability planning, uncover funding options for special needs trusts, and determine adequate financial support needed to provide for lifetime quality care.

Sensory Friendly Environment Design

The Special Needs Mom Squad collaborates with businesses and schools to focus on sensory architecture design for break rooms, events, and classrooms. The organization provides access to various tools and objects for stimulation support, per worksheets on how to create and maintain sensory-friendly environments, and provides checklists for room design and development strategies.

Career Background

Stephanie has been a special needs consultant with the Special Needs Mom Squad since 2015. Her work primarily centers around special needs planning and sensory-friendly environment design.

Education & Training

Stephanie's commitment to her field is reflected in her ongoing continuing education. She is currently working towards her Chartered Special Needs Planning Designation (ChSNC) from the American College. She is also a Behavioral Financial Advisor, Licensed Financial Planner, and Security Registered Advisor, with her training received from Kaplan University.

Contact Information

Stephanie Thompson can be reached directly via email at info@specialneedsmomsquad.com or visit

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