Special Needs Mom Squad

Our non-profit organization was founded by a mother, Stephanie Thompson, who knows firsthand the challenges that come with raising a child with special needs. When her boy was diagnosed, she found it difficult to navigate the overwhelming information and resources available. Stephanie knew she wasn't alone, and felt that there had to be other parents who were in the same boat as her. She decided to take matters into her own hands and started the organization to support other moms and families who are going through similar experiences. Our mission is to provide a safe and supportive community where moms of special children can connect with each other, access valuable resources and find the emotional and mental support they need. We strive to create a space where these moms can share their stories and feel heard, while also gaining knowledge and understanding about their child's condition.

Stephanie Thompson

Meet Our Special Needs Planner

Stephanie recalls the day she received her son’s diagnosis and quickly found herself drowning in search engines trying to find resources. Putting the roller coaster of emotions behind, she had realized there was not a central location to uncover all the information needed for parents with children who have a disability. She created a group exclusive for fellow mothers to share, collaborate and offer resources to each other


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